SPY NEWSLETTER – 5 July 2008


To:      Yankee Spymaster

From: Yankee Spy Nurse


Just when you think you will have nothing to report, something special happens.


Yankee Spy/Helper was on the sofa writing a letter when Celine who was ironing sheets exclaimed regarde, vite!

Outside in the street was a group of men dressed in WW1 clothing,  marching then standing in formation facing the Guest House.

We went to see what was going on and Avril invited them in for a spot of tea and chips. They followed Avril to the museum,

and after a look around, assembled back in the Tea Room where ….. they had a presentation ceremony and gave Avril

a certificate saying she was voted to become an Honorary Member of the Association for Military Remembrance, The Khaki Chums.


As such, the document says, “she may be referred to as an Honorary Chum by Herself, fellow Chums, Friends and Supporters.”


Quite a nice little happening on a rainy morning in the Somme. Avril is only the 7th person to receive this honor.


After they left, we got a workout since a busload of people arrived, and low and behold, there was only Avril,

Celine and Helper to scurry around like crazy, testing the strength of our anti-perspirants since even though it had rained, it was hot and humid.


If you were here in the last couple of weeks and saw the baby chicks running around the garden, one poor little fellow got injured

during the night and sadly, didn’t survive. The other 3 are still happily scratching and digging.


That’s it for my quickie report for the day.


The Spy Master has returned to his home base so there will be new pictures on the website or perhaps even with this newsletter.


Helper (Yankee Spy Nurse)


As ordered by embedded Yankee Spy Nurse, following are from the 1 July 2008 Dedications of the Avril Williams Guest House, Tea Rooms,

Military Museum and Wall of Remembrance!

Auchonvillers, The Somme, France.


In order to fully appreciate the quality of the photographs, I have left them in a large size, which will require more download time

on slow modems.  However, as informed and anxious readers of these Yankee Spy Reports, any delay is well worth the wait.

That old beater barn, is now a real museum, that Avril can be very proud of and one, that all of us will want to visit soon.


Yankee Spy Master


The World Famous Avril Williams with daughter, Cathy, and son, Mark!


When things are having to be done fast, the clan shows up to help.  Avril Williams and Siblings, all.




Congratulations to Yankee Spy Nurse for your PAK administrations, it is looking good.


Mark, gotta get busy and wipe that plaster finishing off the inside of the engine and along the frame.

Now, wasn't putting that white dust there, fun?


















Mark, admiring all his finishing work.  Even he cannot believe how well it turned out.

On the other side of the box is the cartridge for a German 210mm Lange Mortser.


Speaking from vast experience, you should have seen this room on the afternoon of the 14th of April,

when the Yankee Spy Master  became a POW, wall finishing slave.  I am very happy that this result was helped

by that lovely experience of 21 days days at Avril's.  A real museum, in a darn good looking room, if I do say so myself.


Cathy and children, are they not growing fast, or I am getting old fast, hummmmmm!

The first time I saw the big kid on the right, he was in swaddling clothes and wrapping a golden dog's skin

and coat around himself on the common room sofa.


Jealous of the wheels leaning on the wall in the background.  The Mortar has lost its side axles

and the wheels cannot be mounted.  Ours has the axles, but no wheels.  Time to measure and make!











A wonderful day and evening to be remembered by all for years to come!!!