Avril Williams Guest House

                       Tea Rooms

                 Military Museum


            Wall of Remembrance

     It's a whole new world at Avril's!

           Dedication 1 July 2008 


Weary Mark, after all the work
creating the new museum from dirt
floor to what you see.  Some samples
of what will be in the museum.

A US Dodge Power Wagon

A US Jeep

A German WWI 76 MM Mortar



Yes, this is the old barn in the back.
The new, good looking Avril's military
museum.  With a German PAK
Anti-Tank Gun and Bonnie's tail.


A replacement door that provides access
and security, while finally rolling easy
enough even Mark can open it.  Still
lots of painting for Mark to do before
the dedication.

No sooner than they get a bit done, they
find more display items to clean and
prepare for display.  Note, the glasses
are full of redish colored water, amber
water and cola colored water, as Avril
wants to make certain care is taken.

Visiting Avril Williams Guest House,
Tea Rooms, Military Museum and
Wall of Remembrance, can always
lead to extra duties to volunteer for!